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As a community service, Oze-iD provides links to both the SmartTraveller and the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade pages.

If you are planning on Travelling Overseas, please inform family and friends about your travel plans. The Australian Government also provides a free service for Australian Nationals to register their travel plans whilst holidaying overseas and can provide automatic email updates of Travel warnings whilst you are away. Click on the below links for more information.

Following the Boxing Day tsunami disaster in Asia, DFAT was inundated with thousands of calls from worried friends and family members. The disaster has highlighted how Australians can save their families concern by making some simple preparations before heading overseas.

Regardless of whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, alone or in a group, you are encouraged to register your details at before departing Australia. The registration form is easy to complete. All you need to do is ensure that you provide as much detailed information as possible and that if your travel plans change you notify DFAT by emailing: If you wish to receive up to date travel advisories from DFAT please click here.

Following the tsunami, DFAT established a 1800 number for family members and friends to report and enquire about loved ones thought to be in affected areas. However, many callers could not provide key information such as details of next of kin, passport numbers or exact birth dates, making it difficult for DFAT to help families and friends confirm the safety of their loved ones. Oze-iD is the simple answer to this problem.

You can also ensure your family is saved the stress of trying to gather all your details in an emergency, by registering your details before you depart. Any information provided is protected by Australia's strict privacy laws - so you can be sure your information is secure and will only be used if absolutely necessary.

One of the most stressful things for many family members and friends of Australian travellers during the tsunami was not knowing whether their loved one was travelling through one of the affected areas. We recommend that you always provide a friend or family member with a copy of your travel itinerary, a photocopy of your passport, visas, credit card numbers, travellers' cheques and insurance policy and keep in regular contact while overseas.

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