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The idea of Oze-iD originally came from the fact I had worn my Grandfather's military I.D.Tags from WW1 for a number of years. He was a veteran of 2 of the bloodiest military campaigns Australian Forces had ever taken part in. Lucky for me, he survived both fighting at Gallipoli and the Somme. As the custodian of my Grandfather's ID Tags, I figured that if he could survive being hit by shrapnel and bombed with mustard gas, that it must have brought him some luck in the 4 years he served in Europe with the AIF and that if it was good enough for him, then it was good enough for me!

With the 9-11 terrorist attack within the U.S. then the 2002 Bali terrorist attack, citizens of many countries as well as Australia were affected by these tragedies. This was the start of the idea for the need for people to wear I.D. tags whilst travelling abroad just like my Grandfather did 85 years earlier. In Bali, with a total death toll of 202 including 88 Australians, it took Australian forensic experts over 5 months to identify all bodies and eventually return them to their families in Australia and around the world. If Australians and other foreigners had been wearing the Oze-iD, maybe the task of identifying people may have been simpler and faster.

The actual catalyst for producing this website and getting Oze-iD online was the horrific Tsunami that crashed over the shores of eleven countries lining the edges of the Indian Ocean on the 26th December 2004. Again, people of many nationalities were affected and again Australian lives were lost. The total count may never be known but it is believed that over 230,000 people were tragically killed. With over 5,000 foreign tourists killed in holiday locations such as Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi, Phi Phi, Maldives, and Sri Lanka, the task to identify this huge amount of bodies became a nightmare for forensic teams from around the world. How long this would take they did not know. One year on and over 1,000 people remained unidentified! On October 16th 2006, religious ceremonies were held in Thailand for the last 422 unidentified victims of the Tsunami. Perhaps if foreigners travelling overseas had been wearing the Oze-iD for the short time whilst they were away, the task of identifying unknown persons would have been much easier and faster at getting the bodies home to their grieving families for burial.

Sadly, the world has changed forever and once again, tragedies in Madrid, London and again Bali in 2005 showed there is a need to be ever vigilant. Unfortunately, there has become a real need for wearing identifying tags whilst travelling overseas and these above tragic events are proof that Oze-iD is the cheap, quick and simple solution giving peace of mind for a problem many people may have to face at some time in their life. The tragic loss of a loved one.

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